Who am I?

Hey! I'm Isa. A mom of 2 under 5 and full time employee.

I help other working moms be the CEOs of their life, without the early mornings or shame.

I want you to define life in your own terms, so you can accomplish whatever you set yourself up to.

I am on a mission to help as many moms as possible to feel confident and be able to accomplish their desired life in their own terms.

A bit of history...

Back in 2017, when I got pregnant with my first child, I thought going back to work would be easy...

Daycare was already set up and I did not expect any major changes other than switching going out to parties for taking care of the baby. Oh god, I had no idea...

The first weeks after maternity leave were nice. I finally got to have some adult conversation after spending 4 months home with my newborn, but after the initial excitement, things started to become a bit harder. Slowly, without even realizing, the lack of sleep, shift on my priorities, new responsibilities, all started crippling.

After around 1 month, I was completly burned out.

I needed to change something, but my zombie brain was totally unable to figure out any other solution than staying home and focusing on the baby. But for me, that was not an option. I love my work and if you are here, probably you do too. I did not want to spend 24/7 as a mom, I wanted to keep doing what I liked and what I was good at, helping others be more efficient.

I had to figure something out.

One day, while my mind was wandering during one of my meetings due to my lack of sleep, something clicked in my brain. I was (and still are) an expert organizing teams, tasks and workflows.

Why am I not doing the same with my days and personal life?

I have already tried some organization courses, time batching, and other kinds of resources that you for sure know and are very popular for moms, but I have never tried the same approach I had at work for my personal life.

If it works for super big companies, why shouldn't it work for something much simpler?

That's when everything started to make sense. It took a little bit of time to fine tune as I did not really have a team (just me and my partner, you cannot really ask a newborn to collaborate), some adaptations and test iterations, but I managed to get things back in order.

I started feeling lighter, more relaxed, in control and happier.

When my second boy was born, I added new challenges to my days, but I already had the systems that allowed me to make a big shift getting a better job during maternity leave, without the stress of adapting to new situations at home and without losing my mind or leaving things I like in the back.

And if you want, I can help you do the same!

Even though agile systems are used widely in big corporations, they are not necessarily difficult.

They can be kept as simple as needed, and can be adapted to any situation.

If you want to trying something different, this will work for you to.

I'm passionate about helping other moms take control of their lives and achieve their goals. As a working mom myself, I understand the unique challenges that come with balancing work, family, and personal goals (plus your mother in law's opinion on how you should do it :)).

That's why I offer coaching and resources to help other busy moms shift their mindset and learn the same techniques that have helped myself and the moms I worked with be the real CEOs of their lifes.

Together, we can work towards a happier, more fulfilling life where you can achieve everything you want without sacrificing any part of your life.

If you are ready to make a change too, let me show you how!

Helping you organize your mom life in the new digital way.

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